Print is Not Dead (Where it’s Used)

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Marketing is always changing and evolving, and as technology is updating and allowing just about everybody to utilize it however they want, some people have fallen away from print marketing as a means of advertising their business.  But will they benefit from launching a print marketing campaign and getting it back up and running?

The short answer is yes.  “In fact, 92 percent of shoppers say they prefer print marketing when making a purchasing decision” (Pica9).  Print marketing is NOT dead, and it can—and should—be utilized in many different places, even in the world of social media and digital marketing.

But where?

  1. Networking Events & Trade Shows – This is probably the biggest use for print materials where they are actually absolutely necessary (seriously, please don’t show up to a trade show or networking event without at least SOME sort of print item). At trade shows, you can do banners, tablecloths, business cards, flyers, brochures, unique signs, or merchandise.  At networking events, at the very least you NEED business cards, but it’s also good to bring branded pens, flyers, and other printed materials that better describe what you do and who you are so people can keep them and glance at them later if they forget your name and information.
  2. Social Media Contests & Giveaways – You’re working to build up your online presence to get your name out there, right? All businesses really are these days.  A great way to do that is to give away branded merchandise to get some more follows, likes, comments, and eyeballs on your social media profiles plus get some cheap advertising every single time the winners wear your products (hats, sweatshirts, T-shirts, etc.).
  3. Decorate Your Brick-and-Mortar – Window displays, A-frames, banners, and wall art can all be used to brighten up your store, get more walk-in or drive-by traffic, catch more eyes, and let people know what you do. When you walk by a store with small and unappealing signs, you don’t see, notice, or care what’s inside.  Don’t be that store.  Use some larger print marketing materials to make sure you’re not.
  4. Have Your Best Customers Support You – Politicians do it. Why don’t you?  I’m talking about yard signs, and you should be utilizing them.  If you have a loyal customer base, or even just any satisfied customers who would be willing to help you spread the word about your business, get some high-quality (and good looking) yard signs for your customers to display in their yards for all to see.  Make sure your yard sign catches attention and gives people a solid idea of what you do—or makes them want to find out).
  5. Print on Your Car – You probably see cars everywhere driving around with a business name and phone number on them. You can do that, or you can do something a little more unique.  Whichever you prefer, do it right.  Make sure it’s high-quality, draws eyes, and gives people a way to contact you.  Real Estate does it right.  I drove past their car over a week ago, and it caught my attention immediately and made me think about it even as I write this article.  The car literally just said, “Exactly.  Real estate for the modern world.”  That was it.  I was immediately questioning, “Why is it modern?  Is Exactly. the name?  WHAT IS THIS?”  I went home and Googled them.  And I will remember the name and company when real estate comes up.  That’s marketing done right.

Those are just some examples of places you can use print marketing.  Get creative.  Think up some other places you can hand out marketing materials or really get it in front of your potential customers.  It’s worth it.

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