Does Your Company Need a Logo Refresh?

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Choosing and designing a logo is a large part of starting a new business, and it often seems like it’s one of the biggest decisions of branding your company—and one that will last throughout the entire life of the company.

But it’s not uncommon (and is recommended in many situations) for companies to give their logo a refresh.  Sometimes this means completely redesigning (this often comes with a full rebrand of the company), and other times it just means refreshing it and changing it up a little bit.

There are many reasons for doing this, and sometimes the reason is just the company is ready for a change and wants a redesign, but it’s important to make sure you’re doing it at the right time for your company’s image and for the right reasons.  (Because if you don’t do it right, changing your logo the wrong way can hurt your company’s brand as well.)


Do you need an upgrade?

So, all that being said, a logo redesign or refresh sometimes does need to happen.  If you fall into any of these categories, it might be time to refresh yours:

  1. Your logo looks outdated or is too complex – Design is constantly changing, especially as technology changes and better designs are made possible. What once was “cool and in-style” now looks outdated.  This is especially important if you’re in a rapidly changing industry like technology, software, or marketing.
  2. The original wasn’t designed well – If you started your business on a lower budget and just kind of took what you could get in terms of graphic design for your logo, it might not have been done quite as well as it should have been. That’s okay.  We’re not judging.  We’ve all been the entrepreneur trying to save a little bit of money at the start-up of a business.  But, your business is growing and thriving now, right?  So, there’s no excuse to have a poorly designed logo that doesn’t really show who your company is.
  3. A strategic shift of the whole company – We’ve discussed in previous blogs why a company might rebrand (poor reputation, new vision, etc.), and the logo falls in line with this shift. If your company has recently undergone a shift in any way of what you stand for, offer, or your entire company vision, it might be time to redo the logo to show everyone that you mean business—and to give a visual to your otherwise non-tangible upgrades.  This is especially important if your company has changed what you do, but your logo is still showing your old purpose (think Dunkin’ Donuts when they stopped just focusing on donuts).
  4. Your audience has changed – You might have an established customer base to whom you started marketing when you first started your business. But you’re ready to branch out and start marketing to another, different audience now.  Sometimes if you change up your logo a bit, you can attract a different target audience.  Just be careful not to alienate your current loyal customers in the process!


How do I go about changing my logo?

  • Hire a professional – Don’t try to design your logo on your own unless you’re a graphic designer. Make sure it’s high-quality, represents your brand’s image and target audience, and isn’t using someone else’s images (yes, that’s illegal, and yes, you can be sued for it!).
  • Make it simple – Don’t try to include every detail about your company in your logo. It needs to be simple and say a lot with just a little.  This will stand out more to customers and potential customers and will be more memorable.
  • Test it – You’re biased when deciding whether your logo represents your brand because you know EXACTLY what it is that you do and are trying to say. Make sure you get outside perspectives on your logo and test how people in your target demographic respond to it.  If they don’t respond well, hit the drawing board again!
  • Don’t change it too drastically – A refresh shouldn’t be an entirely new logo that looks nothing like the old one and carries zero brand recognition with it (especially if yours doesn’t include your company’s name…they’ll have no idea what they’re looking at). Make sure that it has an air of the old logo in it when doing a refresh, so people don’t think you’re a whole new company!

Remember, your logo is one of the biggest first impressions your company will have, and it may not seem as important as other parts of marketing, but it is one of the most important aspects of brand recognition.  Make sure you do it right, and if you’re doing an entire rebrand, make sure it’s one of the more important parts of it!

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