A Personal Experience With Good & Bad Customer Service

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Recently I went to (rhymes with Tracy) department store.

After a little wandering, I found the department that I wanted. But, there was no sales associate to be found. I went through the racks on my own, and did manage to find the pants that I wanted, and in the right size and color. After I spotted a long line of shoppers in front of a desk in another department, I headed over to that location. When it was finally my turn, I asked the sales associate if there was anybody in the department I had just left. I received a shrug. But, the shrugger was very quick with wrapping my merchandise and putting through my credit card. My experience left me feeling that it was my turn to shrug.

Six days later I went to my favorite store, Nordies. I was still on a walker, and feeling very self-conscious. I took the elevator to the 2nd floor, and made my way to the department I wanted. I was immediately greeted by a sales associate. From that moment on, the whole shopping process was one of fun and relaxation. She unlocked the door to a large dressing room where I and my walker both fit with no issues. Then, she proceeded to bring in garments that were my taste exactly.

I ended up buying much more that I had originally planned. But, I loved and could use everything that I bought. All in all, a perfect shopping experience. But, after all, that’s Nordies.

How many businesses knock themselves out to give service like Nordies does? I mean businesses that excel in making the customer feel important, respected, and valued. It doesn’t matter what type of business it is.  It doesn’t matter whether the business deals in a service or a product.  There simply aren’t enough businesses that adhere to making a customer feel important, respected, and valued. But one business that I know does this on a regular basis is Print Muse. Every time I call with a project, I am treated as though my project is the most important thing on schedule for that day.

I look forward to every transaction with the folks at Print Muse, and I’m constantly looking for more ways to bring them business.

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